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Difference Between PWM and MPPT Solar Charge Controller and Which Is Better?

If you’ve ever built DIY solar panels of a considerable size, you’ll probably come across this important component — the charge controller. ...

Mohamed Bellamine 9 Dec, 2023

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How many solar panels to run a mini split

I get a lot of sun and would be great to lower my HUGE summer electric bill. "Lots of Sun = Lots of Heat = A/C all of the...

Mohamed Bellamine 30 Mar, 2024

Do you need fuse between solar panel and charge controller

Fuses are basically a power limiting electrical device, designed to destroy themselves instead of the equipment they are connected to. Fuses...

Mohamed Bellamine 30 Mar, 2024

What size solar panel to charge 120Ah battery

I have seen a variety of answers when I googled how many solar panels you need for a 120Ah battery. I would say 90% of the answers on this ...

Mohamed Bellamine 25 Mar, 2024

What size charge controller for 800W solar panel

The solar charge controller is used to deliver the correct amount of voltage to the batteries as the amount fluctuates due to environmental ...

Mohamed Bellamine 21 Mar, 2024

How long will a battery last with an inverter

You are here because you want to know how long will a battery last with an inverter. Although it is difficult to accurately determine the d...

Mohamed Bellamine 19 Mar, 2024