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Difference Between PWM and MPPT Solar Charge Controller and Which Is Better?

If you’ve ever built DIY solar panels of a considerable size, you’ll probably come across this important component — the charge controller. ...

Mohamed Bellamine 9 Dec, 2023

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Campervan Electrical Guide – Common DIY Questions Explained

So you are planning to build out your vehicle — or have already been living in your van conversion—and you want to add electrical. Unless ...

Mohamed Bellamine 22 May, 2024

AGM vs. LiFePO4 – Choosing the Best Type of Battery for Van Life

What's the best type of battery for van life? Well... it really depends. Each battery type has a unique set of pros and cons when it com...

Mohamed Bellamine 21 May, 2024

How many solar panels to run a mini split

I get a lot of sun and would be great to lower my HUGE summer electric bill. "Lots of Sun = Lots of Heat = A/C all of the...

Mohamed Bellamine 30 Mar, 2024

Do you need fuse between solar panel and charge controller

Fuses are basically a power limiting electrical device, designed to destroy themselves instead of the equipment they are connected to. Fuses...

Mohamed Bellamine 30 Mar, 2024