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Difference Between PWM and MPPT Solar Charge Controller and Which Is Better?

If you’ve ever built DIY solar panels of a considerable size, you’ll probably come across this important component — the charge controller. ...

Mohamed Bellamine 9 Dec, 2023

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Is It Worth Fitting a Solar Panel Into a Caravan?

One way to get the most out of a caravan is to install a solar panel on it. Solar panels can go a long way in helping you minimize your carb...

Mohamed Bellamine 22 Jun, 2024

How To Know if a Solar Power Bank Is Fully Charged

If you’ve ever used a solar power bank to charge your devices, you might have noticed that your power bank doesn’t give you as many full cha...

Mohamed Bellamine 21 Jun, 2024

Are Solar Blankets As Good as Solar Panels?

Although solar panels have been popular with campers and travelers for a while now, solar blankets are quickly catching up as an alternative...

Mohamed Bellamine 21 Jun, 2024

Can a Portable Solar Panel Run an Air Conditioner?

Running an air conditioner on a hot day can be expensive when relying on standard grid-available electricity. With portable solar panels gai...

Mohamed Bellamine 21 Jun, 2024

How Much Solar Power Do You Need for a Camping Fridge?

A camping fridge is not just a necessity to guarantee your comfort while camping, it also keeps your food and drinks fresh for days. The dow...

Mohamed Bellamine 19 Jun, 2024