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Difference Between PWM and MPPT Solar Charge Controller and Which Is Better?

If you’ve ever built DIY solar panels of a considerable size, you’ll probably come across this important component — the charge controller. ...

Mohamed Bellamine 9 Dec, 2023

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What size inverter for 10kw solar system - Read about solar inverter sizing

The 2nd most expensive part of your home solar system is the solar power inverter. These devices are the heart of your intertie system. They...

Mohamed Bellamine 29 Feb, 2024

How many kWh does a 9kW solar system produce?

On summer days with sunny and mild conditions in the afternoon, the maximum power output that a 9 kW solar system can produce can reach 8 kW...

Mohamed Bellamine 28 Feb, 2024

What size charge controller for 1200W solar panel?

The charge controller can take a range of voltages and amperages, and slam that variable power, cleanly back into the box. Batteries are des...

Mohamed Bellamine 27 Feb, 2024

Peak Sun Hours Calculator (by address, city, or zip code)

There is no doubt that solar power is powerful enough for any home, but before you install solar panels, you need to conside...

Mohamed Bellamine 15 Feb, 2024