How Much Does It Cost to Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels?

How Much Does It Cost to Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels?

When installing solar panels on the rooftop, an empty space is left between them and the roof to ensure natural ventilation and proper performance of the panels and also to maintain their performance for a long time.

However, this warm and quiet open space is often used by pigeons as a shelter to build their nests.

The bird proofing solar panels cost will depend primarily on the amount of materials you will need, and then on whether you will do it yourself or whether you will hire a professional pigeon proofing solar panels service.

Therefore, for standard residential solar panel systems this task may cost you between $300 and $800.

Continue reading to learn more about the typical costs mentioned above, and how you can protect your solar panels from annoying pigeons.

Why Solar Panels Attract Pigeons

Since solar panels are environmentally friendly and have no moving parts and do not make any noise, it is natural to see pigeons sitting on top of them, and of course, where you find pigeons, you will also find pigeon droppings.

In addition, the gaps left between the panels and the rooftop attract pigeons to nest in because of the advantages they provide.

  1. A warm and quiet place away from the sun's rays and at the same time where air circulates.
  2. Stay away from predators to protect its chicks.
  3. Easy access to its nest from all angles in case it falls prey to a predator.
  4. Pigeons often roost in the spaces between solar panels because these spaces provide them easy access to obvious food sources to eat.

Reasons To Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

The damage caused by pigeons to solar panels is not only on the surface of the panels, but also in the under of the panels.

Here's how birds, especially pesky pigeons, can damage your solar investment, which can increase the maintenance costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

At the surface of solar panels

As it is known, if solar panels are covered with dirt, their ability to absorb sunlight and generate electricity will decrease

Bird droppings are the most prominent of these annoying dirts that are difficult to get rid of, the problem is that pigeon droppings are more acidic than most other bird droppings and may corrode panels and reduce electricity production.

If you leave the panels for a long time without cleaning them, these wastes may gradually blend into the glass and this may cause hot spots to appear on the panels.

By constantly landing on your solar panels, or walking and sliding on them, pigeons may scratch and/or scuff the surface with their claws, reducing the transparency of the glass and impairing the efficiency of the PV modules in absorbing sunlight and generating electricity.

Insects catching or colliding with solar panels may also cause cracks to appear in the thin photovoltaic cells, reducing their lifespan.

At the back of the modules

When pigeons settle under solar panels and build their nests there, branches, nests, and droppings may accumulate everywhere and lead to a lack of natural ventilation of the panels and an increase in their temperature, which reduces their efficiency.

Moreover, the presence of pigeons in the spaces between the solar panels that also secure the cables could pose safety risks. If it causes any damage to the wires and electrical connections, and with the accumulation of pigeon feathers and nests there. There will be a risk of electrical contact and fire.

Methods to Get Rid of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

Before making installations to protect your solar panels from the ordeal of nesting pigeons.

There are some tips that you can do and stick to get rid of pigeons naturally and protect your solar panels.

  1. Secure the lids of your litter boxes securely to prevent access to their contents.
  2. Avoid throwing garbage in open areas or in bags that are easily accessible to birds and animals.
  3. Be sure to clean up and store any leftover pet food or livestock feed immediately.
  4. Avoid leaving food scraps in the garden or any existing food sources that pigeons may benefit from.
  5. Clear your garden regularly to get rid of twigs or leaves, which pigeons may use as nesting material.

Talk to your neighbors to follow these tips. Certainly, even if they do not have solar panels, no one will like the chaos and problems caused by the bathroom.

Although these measures alone will not remove pigeons from your solar panels, you will eliminate one of the reasons pigeons might flock to your roof and will make the area less attractive to them.

1. Netting and Metal Mesh

One common option to prevent pigeons from entering the space under solar panels, where they often build their nests, is exclusion using solar panel mesh.

This involves installing the mesh around the entire perimeter of the solar panels and then attaching them with clips or ties securely without causing damage or voiding warranties on the panels.

The cost of a solarguard mesh varies depending on several factors such as the length and width of the mesh and the type and quality of materials it is made of, but usually ranges from $50 to $120 per 100 feet (30 m).

2. Deterrents

To discourage birds from sitting and congregating on your roof, you can also consider using deterrent tools such as installing bird spikes in the areas of the roof where feces and feathers are concentrated.

Compared to the cost of grid solar panels, roof spikes are more affordable, as 10-foot lengths can be purchased for less than $20.

You can also consider purchasing other deterrents such as plastic predators such as owl or hawk, bird gels, etc.

All of these deterrent methods are easy to implement, cheap in cost, and effective in keeping pigeons and other types of pests away from the open space on your roof and panels. Although it may not provide long-term protection against stubborn pigeons, it can be useful when used in conjunction with exclusion methods.

The Cost of Professional Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Service 

The cost of a professional pigeon proofing solar panels will vary depending on several factors such as the number of solar panels in your system (cost of materials needed), how difficult it is to safely access the panels on the roof and the methods used (ropes and ladders - Platform - scaffolding).

Which means that there is no fixed price without first conducting a survey and report for your specific case.

However, to give you an average, for a standard residential solar system, the professional pigeon proofing solar panels cost can range from $300 to $800 on average.

If you live in the UK you can expect it to cost between £500 to £800 on average.

This cost is a total cost and includes the costs of materials and labor, as well as the methods used to reach the solar panels safely.

Other problems caused by pigeons nesting under your solar panels

Pigeons nesting can not only disrupt the connections and function of solar panels, but their chronic fouling carries several diseases, including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. These diseases can be life-threatening for people with weak immune systems.

Not to mention the risk of slipping and falling due to the waste it leaves, the noise it makes, the food contamination it can cause, and the corrosive damage it causes to buildings and plants. All of this can make pigeons a very problematic pest.

How To Bird-Proof Your Solar Panel Setup

If you decide to install the solarguard mesh yourself.

First, before purchasing materials, calculate the circumference of the panels around which the solarguard mesh will run and the depth between the panels and the ceiling.

Once you purchase the necessary materials.

Before wrapping the solarguard mesh wearing the appropriate PPE, and remove any nesting material or debris.

Stretch the solarguard mesh around the perimeter of the solar panel array and secure it securely at all edges using the necessary clips to hold it in place (you will also need to purchase zip ties).

Do not make any holes in the panels to install the mesh, as this may void the warranty on them.

Bird Proofing Solar Panels Near Me

Although hiring a bird-proof solar panel service may seem like an additional expense to your initial investment in solar panels, it is often preferable to take into account the benefits that you will get if you hire professionals for the process of installing bird proofing:

  • Protecting you in case of any accidents or damage to the solar panels.
  • They will advise you on the most suitable way to insulate the bathroom for your panels.
Search “bird roofing solar panel near me” or “solar panel mesh installation near me”to find professional installation services available in your area.
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