Solar powered greenhouse fan - Are they worth the attention?

Solar powered greenhouse fan - Are they worth the attention

It is very important to have good ventilation in a greenhouse. A solar exhaust fan is a good option as you do not have to worry about having a grid connection to your greenhouse. This is very useful especially if you are living on a large farm and it is harder to get power from the grid supply to your greenhouse.

What are solar greenhouse fans?

Solar greenhouse fan or exhaust fan is solar-powered equipment that uses to improve the air circulation of an enclosed space. Read more “What is a solar exhaust fan? Is it worth the cost?

Why do you need good ventilation inside your greenhouse?

Having good ventilation inside the greenhouse is very important for the proper growth of the plants. Plants need to be at the optimal temperature to grow well. If there is no good ventilation inside the greenhouse, then the inside can be overheated during summer. The increased temperature can harm plants.

Also, when there is reduced ventilation it builds up the humidity inside your greenhouse. Increased humidity is a good environment for pests. So the pests’ growth will increase. The increased population of pests will increase the damages to your plantations. So your plants will die and also you will get less harvest.

Having good airflow inside the greenhouse is also important for the plants which pollinate through the air. For this, you can also use circulation fans too. But having solar exhaust fans will help you to get fresh air inside.

Plants need atmospheric carbon dioxide to produce food. To get enough carbon dioxide there should be fresh air inside the greenhouse. For that also you need good ventilation.

Advantages of using solar exhaust fans for your greenhouse;

  • Do not rely on grid power. So you do not have to worry about getting power from the housing supply to the greenhouse. Also, you do not need to worry about installing power outlets in your greenhouse.
  • As you do not need to worry about getting grid power, it gives more portability to your greenhouse. So you can set up your greenhouse anywhere you want without worrying about having grid power. This is very important for large farm owners.
  • Solar exhaust fans can be used even in rural areas. Still, there are areas in many countries without grid-produced electricity. So having solar-powered equipment is very important for such areas.
  • No extra electricity bill – you do not have to worry about an increase in your electricity bill.
  • Can protect the environment by using green energy – solar energy is a type of green energy as this energy does not emit any pollutants to the environment. In many countries, the main form to produce grid electricity is by burning fossil fuels. This emits lots of harmful substances. The machinery and the process used to extract fossil fuels also pollute the environment. So by using solar power you can decrease environmental pollution,

Disadvantages of having a solar exhaust fan?

The main disadvantage of solar-powered exhaust fans is the high initial cost. When compared to grid-powered exhaust fans, solar exhaust fans are very expensive. Also, you have to pay more for the installation process as you have to install panels too.

The other disadvantage is, that you can use a solar exhaust fan only if you are living in an area with good sunlight. If you are living in an area with more cloudy, rainy, or windy days this is not a good investment for you.


Having good ventilation inside of your greenhouse is very important for your plants, to grow well. Using a solar exhaust fan to improve air circulation is better than using grid-powered exhaust fans, as it benefits both you and the environment.

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