Solar Powered Gate Opener To Make Life EASIER

Solar Powered Gate Opener To Make Life EASIER

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When you have an automatic gate opener that runs on solar power installed, you will realize that you have not only increased the safety that you enjoy in your property, but you have also added an accessory to your property that can be both useful and beautiful.

A solar gate opener can open your gate remotely without reaching for it.

It is a stand-alone working system it can work by itself using its solar panel without any additional power supply from your home.

Why do you need a solar gate opener?

If you have a large garden surrounding your house, or a farm, or land it will be a problem if you have to open the gates manually every time. Because just for that you have to exit from your vehicle open the get and get in then passed the gate again exit the vehicle close the gate and again get in the vehicle.

Even thinking about all the work you have to do just because of that one gate will give you a headache. Anyway, you can simply fix a remote-controlled gate. But the real problem is how are you going to supply power for the gate.

If you tried to get a connection from the grid it will be dangerous and difficult as well. So the best solution is to have a solar-powered gate especially for an isolated part of your propertyBecause it will make your work easy and prevent you from all the extra work you have to do if you get the supply from the grid.

How solar gate opener works?

Before buying a solar gate opener, knowing about how it works will help you to buy a suitable gate opener for your needs. The solar-powered gate opener is working on the sunlight. The solar gate opener kit consists of 4 main components.

  1. Solar panel
  2. Controller Kit
  3. Batteries
  4. Tube Gate Brackets

First, the solar panel should be installed in a well-lit place. Then the solar panel should be connected to the controller kit through the wires.

Then the batteries should be installed next to it to store the electricity coming from the solar panel. It also should be connected to the control kit.

After that, mount the tube gate bracket to your gate and connect it to the control kit.

“In this case, all the processes are done by the controller kit.”

The simple theory is that a solar panel generates electricity and stores it in a battery. Then it can open or closes your gate as you need by using the controller kit via a remote.

Solar-powered gate opener benefits

1.Save your Current Bill –

If you use a normal electric gate opener you have to spend a considerable amount of electricity to run it. But using a solar gate opener system you do not have to supply the grid curr to run it. So this is one of the best advantages you can get by using a solar gate opener system.

2.Easy to Install –

If you use this system it is easy to install than an electric gate opener system. The electric gate opener system wants current supply from your house or main grid.

If your gate is far from your house or main grid it is hard to get a connection through wires. So by using a solar gate opener system you do not need to supply additional current. It works it own by using sunlight as their energy source.

3.More Safety –

The solar-powered gate opener system running with the 12v direct current (DC) which means it does not use higher volts like 240v alternative current (AC). But if you use an electric gate opener it requires a 240v around alternative current (AC) from the main grid.

So at some point, if the solar gate opener has some current leakage it does not harm any human or animals because it using 12 direct currents (DC). Even though if you touch the 12v direct current (DC) it will not harm you because it is a very low voltage.

But if you use an electric gate opener, it uses an alternating current from the main grid. So if your circuit has a leakage it can harm you very badly. As your gate is made from wood or iron, they are very conductive materials and you can get electrified.

4.Eco-Friendly –

Using solar energy can reduce environmental pollution and global warming. The only power source solar panels require is sunlight. Sunlight is a clean renewable energy source. Also, sunlight never decays. In any country, you can get sunlight. So we can use solar power in any country.

But generating electricity from the main grid takes fossil fuels. And fossil fuel is running out day by day. Also, using fossil fuels to generate electricity causes environmental pollution and global warming.

So using solar panels we do not have to face such a problem. We can generate electricity without any pollution.

5.Capability to use even in a power outage – more reliable.

If you use a solar-powered gate opener system it does not require electricity as it is a stand-alone system. But if you use a normal electrical gate opener system, it works from the grid supply. In the event of a power failure or power outage, you will have to operate the gate manually.

So considering these things it’s better to use a solar powered-gate opener system than the electrical gate opener system.

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Best reviewed solar gate openers

Installing a solar automatic gate to your land or home will increase the value of your property. Now it is also widely available in the market. It will be difficult for you to choose the best one for you. Therefore, we have described some of the best solar gate opener systems available on the market.

The best 3 Solar Powered-Gate Openers

1.Ghost Solar Powered-Gate Controller

Ghost solar gate opener is one of the best products in the market. This product will allow you to get the power for your gate without any grid connection by this you can operate gates up to 200 inches wide or up to 900 pounds.

Also, you can operate this system from up to 1000ft away. The installation is very easy. A lifetime warranty will be given for the motor and gear assembly.

The full kit consists,

  • 10w solar panel.
  • standard 3 buttons remote.
  • tube gate brackets.
  • Control box with a system controller.
  • the battery harness.
  • Manual Release key.

Note – Battery and the AC transformer are not included.

Required Battery – 12v battery with more than 12 Ah

2.TOPENS A5S Automatic Gate Opener Kit

This automatic gate opener can be used for medium-duty single swing gates up to 16tf long or a maximum weight of 550lbs.

  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Easy installation.
  • Two optional installation styles, pull to open or push to open.

This includes a DC 24v motor, Aluminum Swingarm, 20W Monocrystalline solar panel, M12 Remote controller, TKP3 wireless keypad, ET24 Electric gate lock, Manual Release key.

Note – The 12-volt battery is not included.

Required Battery – 24v battery with more than 12 Ah

This has a 12-month company warranty and free product return and exchange within 30 days. 

3.TOPENS DSR600S Solar Sliding Gate Opener

This opener is different from the above two because this is design for heavy-duty sliding gates. This can operate up to a maximum of 920lbs in weight and 40ft length gate.

  • The ultra-quiet system.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • easy installation, and multiple applications.

This kit includes STRONG 180 W 1/4 HP DC Motor, 10W * 3 Solar Panel, Remote Controller, Manual Release key.

Note – the power supply code or batteries not provided.

Required Battery –  24v battery with more than 12 Ah

This also has a 1-year company warranty, lifetime tech support, and free system consultation service.

How long do solar gate openers last?

Normally the expected lifetime is more than 10 years. Until lifetimes end apart from regular maintenance there won’t be any major repairs required. By cleaning the solar panels as required and maintaining the mechanical parts (such as oil the tube gate bracket properly )you can use this system without any problem until the end of the expected lifetime.

Many companies give you around 20-25 years of the warranty period for solar panels. So if any major problem arises in your solar panel it will be covered by the companies. (but you have to keep in mind that any external physical damages won’t be covered under most companies warranties)

Sometimes you can get problems because some solar batteries have a limited lifetime. So always try to buy a solar battery with a good lifespan or you can simply replace the battery after the expected lifetime or if any damage happens to the battery.

Some companies manufacture this system with inbuild batteries but some are not. If you fix your system or have to buy the battery always go for a Lithium battery as they are the most suitable batteries for your solar system because of their longer lifespan.


If you are thinking of installing a solar gate opener, it is a good idea. It works well. If you install it in your house or land, it will add more value to your house or land. You can also save your electricity by using solar power. It is also easy to install and it protects the environment.

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