Are solar-powered security lights any good? (Solar Motion Security Lights)

Are solar-powered security lights any good? (Solar Motion Security Lights)

Solar motion security lights are very beneficial due to many reasons.

Solar motion lights are powered by sunlight, which is free, clean, and renewable energy.

So you can save your money and the environment while saving your property.

In this article, we will talk about the effectiveness and many other things about using LED solar motion lights.

Benefits of using Solar LED Motion Lights

Using solar LED motion lights has many benefits for you as well as the environment. If you use these lamps it is 100% pure renewable energy so when you use these lamps for your exterior light and safety as well as you can save the environment. Let’s consider the facts.

1.Ease of mounting and more safety

This is much easier to install than an outdoor lamp.

If you use a normal outdoor lamp, you may need to connect it to the home power supply by using a long cord. This can cause various accidents. But when using this lamp it is not necessary to connect the electric wire.

This is a stand-alone lamp.

Using these stand-alone solar motion lights also assure you more safety in case of a break-in. In such a case, if the person trying to enter your garden cuts the electric supply for your house, the safety lights will not work. But as solar motion lights do not need grid supply they will work even an intruder mess your grid supply.

Also, in the event of a power outage, your normal security lamps do not work. But if you use solar motion lamps it does not require a power supply and it works on its ownSo you can get extra protection by using these lamps.

2.You can save your current bill

When using LED solar motion lights, it does not consume electricity. But if you use an ordinary lamp, it will consume a considerable amount of electricity. Therefore, it is economically advantageous to install this as there is no later cost, even though the initial cost is a little high.

3.Pure, Renewable, and Eco-Friendly Power Source

The use of solar motion lamps and standard motion lamps fulfills the same requirement. But using a solar lamp is good for you as well as the environment. This lamp is completely solar-powered as it does not consume electricity. Sunlight is something that is found in any country in the world and is a type of renewable energy.

But if you use a standard motion lamp, it consumes electricity. Large power plants and natural energy sources are used to generate electricity. Natural resources such as coal and oil are used for this purpose. This process also emits lots of harmful substances to the environment. Due to these reasons, electricity generation causes environmental pollution and global warming.

But when you use solar power, there is no environmental pollution. It does not require power plants. Therefore, using solar motion lamps is a saving for you as well as the environment.

4.Low Maintenance

When you use solar lamps, there is almost no repair work. There is no such thing as damages from mice as it is not connected to electrical wires. It is enough to keep your panels clean. A separate note on this subject is given below in this article.


By using solar lamps you can use them even when there is no electricity. A power outage on your network will not affect it. Nor can it be disabled externally. Therefore, the use of solar motion lamps is more reliable.

How does Solar Motion Light work?

Before you buy this solar motion light it will be easier for you to buy it after getting at least a  little understanding of how it works.

This lamp has a solar panel mounted on the top. It generates electricity and stores it in a battery within the lamp. That stored electricity will be used to lit the lamp at night according to the signals from the motion sensor.

Then, when using a motion sensor, if a person walks through that angle, your solar lamp will light up. This is a very simple process. If you use these solar panels, they can be used more freely and more securely because they are stand-alone lamps.

How you maintain the LED Solar Motion Light

The happy news is that it does not need much maintenance work. If you buy a quality lamp with a good warranty period, you can use it for a long time.

However, for your solar motion lamp to work efficiently, the solar panel on your lamp must be clean. If you live in a rainy area, you do not have to worry much about cleaning solar panels. This is because rain removes dust, bird droppings, and other debris from your solar panel. But if there is no rain in the area where you live, cleaning 3 or 4 times a year is sufficient.

But if you have a winter in the area where you live, then cleaning it 3 or 4 times a year is not enough. Snow on the solar panels can reduce the efficiency of the solar motion lamp. When snow falls on your solar panels, a layer of snow will accumulate, making it harder for the solar panel to receive sunlight. Therefore, during the winter, you should always pay attention to the solar motion lamp. After the snow falls on the solar panel, it should be cleaned.

When you clean solar panels, it is sufficient to use half-heated water. But you can use Solar Panel Cleaner for convenience and the best conditioner. Also, you can use a window cleaner.

Can you use Solar Motion Light in the winter season?

Yes, you can use solar motion lights even in winter.

But its efficiency is lower than in the summer. There are several reasons for this. When snow falls on the solar panels, it will block out sunlight. So by cleaning solar panels we can avoid that situation. There are also times when there is less sunlight during the winter, so solar motion lamps are less efficient. However, despite the low efficiency, solar motion lights can be used in summer as well as in winter.

Is there any downside to using Solar Motion Light?

Everything has advantages as well as disadvantages. Using these solar motion lights also has disadvantages. The disadvantage of using this is that it is based on sunlight only. It can be inactive during prolonged rainy seasons without sunlight. Also, as we mentioned above, the efficiency may decrease during the winter. As the advantages of this system outweigh the disadvantages we suggest using this system.

Solar Motion Light buyers guide

There are many factors you should consider before selecting a suitable solar security motion light for you. By knowing the features or specifications of the best solar security motion system you can select the most suitable lamps according to your requirements. By knowing this information you can save your money while having the best lamps for your needs.

  • Installation location – This is one of the best things to look for before buying solar motion lamps. Before you buy a solar motion light, you should check the location where it is going to be installed. Since this is done entirely by sunlight, it is more suitable for the place where receives better If the place you choose does not receivesunlight well, its efficiency will decrease.
  • Watt –Another important factor when you buy this lamp is the Wattage (W) of the lamp. The higher the watt (W) value of the lamp you buy, the brighter it will be. Also, the lower the watt (W) value, the lower the brightness. Therefore, you should install a light with a Watt (W) value that is suitable for the nature of the outside of your home.
  • Battery Capacity and quality-Batteries are installed inside these lamps. During the day, the electricity generated by the solar panels is stored in those batteries for use during the nighttime or when there is no sunlight. So the battery capacity should be enough to store enough energy for the lamp. Also, you have to be careful about the battery in the lamp you buy. This is because if the battery of your lamp is damaged quickly, you will not be able to use it. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the battery of the lamp you are going to buy.
  • Cost –You need to think about how much you can afford to buy a solar motion light, what quality lamp you can get for that money, whether you should pay a significant amount for lighting. But my personal opinion is that buying this is an investment. Because there is no later cost.

How to choose the best LED Solar Motion Light?

The best way you can find these lamps is online. If you are going to buy from a physical store it can only be seen from the outside. It will be difficult for us to know the opinion of the people who used it. But if you browse the internet and find it, people who have used it have included details about it. So it is better to buy it online. Also, always try to purchase products from well-known manufactures and authorized suppliers.

| Conclusion |

That is a great idea if you are thinking of using a solar motion security light. By purchasing it, you can use it to increase security, reduce future costs, and you can use it even when there is no electricity. Another advantage is that it does not require any additional maintenance. Also, Using solar motion lights can be considered an investment for the future.

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