What is a solar shower bag? Is it useful?

What is a solar shower bag? Is it useful?

Solar shower bag is very popular among campers. This is very useful as it helps you to take warm showers anywhere you want.

Solar shower bag works by absorbing the heat of the sun. So they work properly only at locations with the high environmental temperature. At the low temperatures, it will take more time and most of the time will not reach the maximum temperature.

What is a solar shower bag?

A solar shower bag is a bag made from a heat locking material. This bag also has to be leakproof and durable to wear and tear.

Most bags are made from either high-quality nylon material or PVC material.

The bag is black and can absorb heat. These bags are designed to absorb heat and retain them inside the bag effectively. Some bags have a clear side and it will show you the remaining water level.

You can warm up the water by filling this bag with water and exposing it to the sunlight.

This bag comes with a flexible hose and a shower head with a switch that can switch on and off the water flow. In some showerheads, there is a switch to control the flow rate.

Also, the shower bag has a thermometer and a temperature indicator. These will tell you the temperature of the water inside the bag.

This solar shower bag is an affordable way of having a hot shower during your camping trip.

How solar shower bag works?

When you expose the water-filled bag to the sunlight, it will absorb the heat. As we mentioned earlier these bags are designed to absorb the heat effectively.

The heat will transfer through the bag to the water. As the bags are also designed to trap the heat inside, it will increase the water temperature.

The thermometer will measure the temperature and the indicator will show you the water temperature.

How to use a solar shower bag?

First, you have to fill the bag with water to the indicated level or the level you want. Then expose it to the sunlight. This has to be placed under direct sunlight.

Check the temperature indicator after some time (approximately 3 hours or more). If the temperature is at your desired level, carefully hang the bag at a higher level. When you open the switch, the water will fall because of gravity.

Make sure to keep the hose at a lower level than the water outlet of the bag. Otherwise, water will not come out. Also, by doing this you can have good water pressure.

The water pressure of a solar shower bag is not bad. But the pressure will drop when the water level goes down.
Also, the solar shower bags have very limited capacity. Most solar shower bags only have a capacity of 5 gallons. So you have to limit your shower time.

After using a solar shower bag, make sure to dry them. Otherwise, molds can grow inside the bag.

What is the maximum temperature you can achieve by using a solar shower bag?

This varies from brand to brand. The temperature can vary between 990F to 1130F.

The reason is, every brand uses different materials and different designs. So the heat absorbing and heat locking abilities are different for each brand.

How much time a solar shower bag will take to heat water?

This also can vary from brand to brand. Most solar bags can heat the water to maximum temperature by 3 hours under direct sunlight. But for that, the environment temperature also has to be around 200C – 300C.

If the environmental temperature is less it will take more time.

Can you use a solar shower bag in winter?

Yes, you can use a solar shower bag even in winter only if there is direct sunlight.

Most modern solar shower bags are made from heat locking materials that can trap the heat effectively and increase the water temperature. But for that, you need direct sunlight.

During winter solar shower bags will take more time because of the cold environmental temperature. Also, they will not be able to reach the maximum temperature most of the time.

Advantages of using solar shower bags?

  • Portable- these solar shower bags are lightweight and foldable. So you can easily carry them with your other luggage. Also, these bags do not take much space.
  • Cheap- when compared to the other options that you can use to warm water, a solar shower bag is a very cheap option.
  • Easy to use- there is no complex installation process. All you have to do is fill up the bag and leave it under direct sunlight.
  • Easy to store – as these solar shower bags are foldable, they do not take much space to store. So you can easily store them in a limited space.
  • Can reduce using fuel and electricity to warm up the water.

Disadvantages of using solar shower bags?

  • Materials can be harmful- some materials that are used to make these bags can cause birth defects and cancers. So make sure to check the materials that are used to make these bags.
  • Need direct sunlight.
  • There are many low-quality brands available in the market- these low-quality products will not work properly. Also, most of these low-quality products are not leakproof and have less durability. So you cannot use them for much time.

What you should consider before buying a solar shower bag?

  • Check the online reviews- as there are so many products available in the market it is hard to choose high-quality products. So make sure to check online reviews before buying any product.
  • The capacity of the bag.
  • Maximum temperature.
  • Time takes to reach the maximum temperature.
  • Used materials
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