Do solar garden lights really work?

Do solar garden lights really work

Every day the lights in the garden consume electricity. It is always necessary to turn on/off the lights manually. But as a solution, Solar Garden Light is now on the market. In this article, we are going to talk about, does solar garden lights really work? advantages, disadvantages, how it works, and everything about solar garden lights.

Do solar garden light really works? Yes, solar garden light will work perfectly. And solar garden light gives you more benefits than ordinary garden light.

How easy it would be for you if your garden lights were powered by solar without a power supply. Solar garden light can work without any power supply. It generates electricity using sunlight. Solar garden lights are stand-alone equipment and once we installed it you do not have to worry about it.

How solar garden light works?

Solar garden light is made up of combining several main components. Each of those components completes the solar lamp by performing its function. Let’s look at what are the components and how it works.

  • Solar Panel
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • LED Bubs

The solar panel does the main part of the solar garden light. The solar panel generates electricity using sunlight. The energy of the sunlight was used to generate electricity. Sunlight is a collection of electromagnetic radiations such as visible light, ultraviolet, and infrared. These radiations carry energy. A bundle of energy is called the photon. Photons are massless neutral particles.

When these photons hit the solar panel energy transferred to the solar panel. Solar panels are mostly made using semiconductors like silicon. When the silicon panel absorbs the energy the energy of the atoms also increases. When the energy increases than a certain energy level (binding energy of the atomic electrons) atomic electrons will be released from the atoms. After releasing, electrons will travel throughout the panel. Because of this electron flow, a direct current will be generated inside panels in opposite direction.

The batteries are also a main part of the solar garden light. Solar garden light has installed a rechargeable battery in it. That battery stores the electricity generated by the solar panel and keep it for later use. “ When you are buying solar garden light, you also have to worry about the battery. Try to buy a solar garden light with a high standard as well as a high capacity battery”. Because the garden lights lit at night using the electricity stored in your battery.

If the capacity (Ah) of the battery used in your garden light is low you will not be able to light the garden light for a long time using the power stored it.

The electricity stored in the batteries is then transmitted to the LED bulb circuit at night using a dark sensor.

This is how the solar garden light works, and it is more complex than the process we mentioned here. Only the simple basic theory is explained for your basic understanding and ease of understanding.

Should you solar garden light on/off manually?

When you use garden light you have to turn on/off manually. If your lifestyle is busy, it will be difficult to make time for it. If you go to work and come home at night, you will find it difficult to do it. Also, imagine that you are going on a trip for a few days and then you will not be able to light it. If it is lit for a few days, it may overheat and be destroyed and It will also double the electricity consumption.

Should you turn on/off the solar garden light manually? No, solar garden light does this on its own using a dark sensor. Solar garden lights are stand-alone equipment. It will switch on when the brightness goes and when sundown. Then it will automatically off when the brightness comes in the morning.

So using solar garden light you can save your time. it will work perfectly even if you don’t look at it for months.

Are solar powered garden lights any good?

Yes, solar garden light has a lot of benefits, advantages than ordinary garden light. It can give benefits to you as well as to the environment. Solar garden light can reduce environmental pollution and global warming. First, let’s talk about the,

Enviourmnetal benefits

Using solar power to generate electricity does not require any fossil fuel like coal, natural gas, or oil. Solar power is required only sunlight. It generates electricity totally depends on the sunlight.

But if you use electricity by the grid, a significant portion of the energy supplied to the grid was made by fossil fuel. When using fossil fuels to generate electricity it releases carbon dioxide, toxic gases like carbon monoxide to the environment as a result of the electricity generation. So it causes the destruction of the ozone layer as well as global warming.

Solar power is a 100% pure renewable energy source it doesn’t require fossil fuel. It generates electricity using sunlight.

So even as the garden light, if you use solar powered garden light it doesn’t require the electricity. For that reason, it contributes to the protection of the environment.

Human benefits

The greatest benefit to humans from using solar power is to protect the environment. By using solar power we can save our environment for the next generation. There are also personal benefits that you can get from this. Let’s talk about that,

Save current bill – If you use a normal garden light it consumes the electricity by the main grid. So it cost a considerable amount because garden light lit at the night about 10-12 hours. But using solar garden lights you don’t cost for the electricity. solar garden light can generate electricity by own using the solar panel. So it can save your current bill.

It can use even the power outage – In the event of a power, outage we can use the solar garden light without any problem. Because it doesn’t require the electricity supply from the grid. So grid power connection doesn’t affect the solar garden light. But if you use normal garden light it needs an electricity supply from the grid. So in the power outage, you can not use normal garden lights.

Solar garden light is automated – If you use normal garden lights it needs to be switch on/off manually. But if you use solar garden light it doesn’t require a switchIng on/off manually. It is stand-alone light as we mentioned above and it can do everything it wants.

Easy to install – Solar garden light can install a place where have no electricity and it’s easy to install. It doesn’t need a power code from the house or grid connection. Using these lights you can avoid any dangerous situation like rat menace.

How long do garden solar lights Last?

Solar garden light was made up of combining several major components. Usually, solar panels have the longest lifespan from these components. It is about 20-25 years. All the other components except batteries have around a lifetime of 10-15 years.

Solar batteries have the shortest lifetime it depends according to the type of battery you get. Even the battery with the best quality has 4-6 years lifespan.

If your bulbs light up with less brightness or the duration you can light up your bulbs at night after full battery charge, is less that indicates that you have to repair your solar lights.

Is it OK to leave solar lights out in the winter?

Many countries in the world have a winter season. So, people who hope to install solar garden lights, have big questions about can they leave solar garden light out in the winter or does solar garden light work in the winter,

  • Can you leave the solar garden light out in the winter season? Yes, you can. It is designed to withstand natural disasters like snowstorms, heavy rainy days. It is designed in the form of waterproof or water-resistant. Therefore, water or snow does not damage it.
  • Can you use solar garden light in the winter season? Yes, you can use solar garden light in the summer season as well as the winter season. But when the winter season comes, the efficiency of the solar garden light may be less than the summer season. Because when snowfall into the solar panel on solar garden light, it makes a snow layer on the solar panels. So it reduces the absorption of the sunlight to the solar panel.

You can keep the solar garden light efficiency by cleaning the solar panel of the solar garden light when snow falls into it.

NOTE- If there is a heavy snowstorm and you think it will be break if leave it outside, store them inside until the weather is okay. “When you reinstall it, allow it to charge well and then turn it on.”

Can you fix solar garden lights?

Another thing that many people think of when buying a solar garden lamp is, can I install this lamp myself? do I have to hire a professional for that?

Yes, of course, you can fix solar garden lights by yourself. Because it doesn’t require any power code. You only have to do is mount it the place it needs to be. So don’t worry about it.

But if you buy normal garden lights you have to face different problems when you fix it. It needs power supply from home or main grid so you have to hire a professional if you using ordinary garden lights.

So using solar garden lights much easy to install and use than the normal garden light.

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