How long do solar light batteries last?

How long do solar light batteries last

Solar lights are the best way to light up your home or garden with a free Eco-Friendly energy source. With the improvement of solar light usage, different questions are raised about solar light battery lifespan. Like other electrical appliances, solar lights also need to replace batteries when the time comes. But the real question is how long we can use solar light batteries?

You can use solar light standard batteries for about 2-4 years. But it can vary depending on the type of battery and quality of the lamp you are using and how you use it. No matter what type of solar light you use, it is necessary to replace the battery with the time.

After you replace the battery, the solar light does not cause any additional damage, which does not affect the efficiency of your lamp or the time it takes to charge your lamp. Therefore, don’t think too much about the battery replacement.

Is it a waste to buy solar light because they need to replace the battery?

No, by doing so you don’t waste your money. Buying solar light you can reduce your monthly current bill. If you use an ordinary light for your needs, it consumes the electricity from the grid connection. So you have a monthly cost for it.

But if you use solar light it doesn’t require any electricity supply, it works on its own. It uses sunlight as its energy source and converts it to electricity. Therefore, you don’t have a monthly cost of using solar light.

When using solar light, the maintenance cost comes every few years and it does not cost much. You may also replace the battery in the solar light by yourself. So using solar lights is cheaper than using normal light. It can be described as an investment rather than an expense as there is no later cost in using solar lights.

Also, when you use solar light you don’t need to switch on/off it manually and it is a big advantage for you. It is an automated and stand-alone light. if you use ordinary light you have to turn them off/on manually and using this you don’t have to.

If you’re away from home for days, it’s hard to find a way to turn the light on / off in the house. But if you use these lights it will do it for you. So using solar lamps can free you from any responsibilities. Also by accident if you let your lights on for days when you are away home, it will definitely increase your electricity bill if it is a regular light. But if you use solar light there is no chance of such a mistake.

Can cause batteries to stop working your solar light?

How long do solar light batteries last

With the use of solar light, various repairs are required. It also includes a rechargeable battery. Can your solar light be disabled due to battery repair?

Yes, it could be possible. When the battery lifespan is over solar light battery will not able to charge anymore and solar lights are not working at night due to that reason. So you have to replace the battery.

Also, it can happen when you live on the beach or in a salty windy area. If you live in this type of area, the battery terminals may corrode. Therefore, always check twice before the battery replacement when your solar light is not working.

If your battery terminal has corrosion, you can clean it by yourself. Before you clean the terminals of the battery, disconnect the wires and clean the terminals of the battery thoroughly using a brush or sandpaper. It looks shiny after a thorough cleaning. Then reconnect the wire and leave it to charge the battery well before lighting it.

If you do not have enough knowledge to do it, hire a professional.

NOTE- Do not repair your solar light by yourself or hire a professional, with under warranty period. If there is any problem during the warranty period, call the company that bought your solar light and have it repaired.

How can you know is the time to replace the solar battery?

Many people have a question about the “How can you know is the time to replace the solar light battery?”. That is a very simple task.

You can do it by monitoring your solar light at night. If your solar light not brighter as it used to be then there have some issues with your solar light. So you have to check your battery when it’s dimming.

Also, even if your solar light is exposed to full sunlight during the day, if it stays on for a few hours at night, then it might be a problem with the solar battery.

If it is well exposed to sunlight during the day and does not light up at night, it is also likely to have a battery problem.

However, if you come to the conclusion that there is a problem with the battery, before buying another battery, check again whether it is a problem with the battery. You can check it by battery shop.

Can you replace the solar battery by yourself?

Yes, you can replace the solar light battery by yourself. You don’t need to hire an expert. To do so you need only a few items. By replacing the battery yourself you can get an experience as well as knowledge about it and it also will not cost any money. Here are those easy few steps,

  1. First, you have to remove the cover of the solar light by using a screwdriver.
  2. Then you have to remove the wires (Brackets) from the battery terminals. (It is better to use rubber gloves for your safety)
  3. After that remove the regular battery and place the new battery.
  4. Then connect the two wires to the battery terminal. ( Make sure to connect all the positive terminals to positive and negative terminals to negative wires)
  5. Finally, fix the cover of your solar light.

These are all the steps you want to replace your battery.

How long do solar light batteries last?

NOTE- Do not do this by yourself under the warranty period. Solar companies do not supply their warranty service If any part of the solar light is removed. In such a case, if the battery of your solar light also has a warranty period, replace it through Solar Company. If the battery in solar light does not under the warranty period, pay the required amount, and replace the battery through that solar company. Then there will be no harm to your responsibilities. (This is because although some solar light has a long-term warranty, they do not have a long-term warranty on the battery.)

Can you use a different battery for solar light?

Yes, you can use different batteries. But it must be a rechargeable battery with the same voltage as your old battery. It does not matter if you use various brands or amperes but its voltage should be the same. Or the current coming from the solar panel cannot be stored.

For example: If the battery in your solar lamp is 6v 5Ah, then you can install a 6v 10Ah battery.

But you can not get a good result by using a higher amperes battery than it used to be. Always solar companies had installed a battery that fits your solar panel. Even if we re-install a battery with higher amperage, the amount of electricity coming from the solar panel will not be enough to fully charge the battery.

If you use a lower ampere battery than before, it will reduce your solar light efficiency. When the solar lamp is manufactured, a battery of the relevant ampere size is fitted to illuminate the required time. But if you use a battery with less amperage, Its brightness or the time it lights will be less.

Therefore, always use a battery with the same voltage as well as the same amperes.

Tips for keeping solar light battery last longer

Whichever solar light you use, its battery life will decrease over time. But sometimes you also helps to decrease the battery lifespan. It happens out of your ignorance. So there are several ways to avoid them and extend the battery life of solar lights. Those are as follows.,

  • You have to clean the solar panel of your solar light when it dusty or debris on it. Otherwise, it can reduce the lifespan of your solar light battery due to the less charge. If there is dust or other dirt on the solar panel of your lamp, it will make it difficult for your solar panel to absorb sunlight. This can reduce the efficiency of your solar light and damage its battery. So keep your solar panel clean regularly. (How to maintain your solar panels)
  • You need to place it where have good sunlight. When you are installing your solar light it needs to be installed at a place where have good sunlight. Make sure there are no trees or other shadows around it. If you have not already installed it in a well-lit place, you can change it now. Because if your solar light does not absorb sunlight well, the battery does not charge well regularly. So then arise problems in the battery due to less charging. It can shorter your light battery lifespan. Therefore, always try to install it where it gets good sunlight.
  • Switch off your solar light when there is heavy rain or a bad winter season. If there is a regular bad rainy season or heavy winter season in your area, turn off the solar lights during that time. Solar lights can be lit on rainy days or winter days, but the battery will not be fully charged. Continuing that way, not charging the battery fully for most days can shorten the life of your battery.
  • When installing it, install it in an area where there is no other light. When you install it, be sure to install it where there are no other street lights or other bulbs around. Because the light from other bulbs or street lamps is not strong enough to charge the battery of your solar light, so it can damage your solar battery.
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